Beast Brawlers: A MOBA-Inspired Multiplayer Title

Beast Brawlers is a new MOBA-inspired game that has just recently launched globally. Not only has the game been voted as ”Top 10 game in 2017 at Google Play Indie Games Festival” while being the only nominee still in Beta but the company behind it is also interesting. PiiK Games is a company with a strong focus on eSports and competitive gaming which gives us an idea of their vision for Beast Brawlers and any future titles.

Being one of our partners, we are extremely happy to introduce Beast Brawlers to those who have not heard of it yet. The game offers a real-time multiplayer experience where you can select one of 9 Beasts to battle other players online. We found the concept to be quite fascinating because it introduces you into a new sub-genre and opens the door for more creative ideas that can be utilised for Mobile eSports.

The game is currently available on the App Store & Google Play. We highly recommend that you watch our introductory video about Beast Brawlers to have a better idea of the nature of this game.

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