G FUEL Black Friday Sale – Buy One Get One Free

Here comes Black Friday again! Our amazing partners at Gamma Labs have brought back one of their most affordable sales yet, The BOGO Sale. From November 19th until November 25th, you will be able to buy a G FUEL Tub and get another one for free. Visit gfuel.com and choose the flavors you would like to get with this deal. Now that there are new flavors like the Twisted Kandy, Black On Blackberry, and Cotton Candy, you can taste them all at the cheapest price possible. Continue reading

Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – Season 1 Concludes

After a month of extreme competition between the Forward Assault Teams that participated in the Battles of Glory Tournament, Season 1 has concluded. Now, the teams prepare for the beginning of Season 2 which will launch this Thursday, Nov 1st. To refresh your memory, this tournament consists of 3 Seasons & a Championship which only the top teams will be selected to participate in. We are all excited to see which teams land on the top spots in this upcoming season. Continue reading

G FUEL Sale – Get 40% Off Your Purchase (Expires October 25th)!

We recently received a 40% G FUEL Discount Code from Gamma Labs and we are happy to share it with you if you still didn’t get the chance to try the popular energy drink. From October 22nd until October 25th, using the code ”EsportsMobile40” will get you 40% off your entire purchase at gfuel.com! Note that this discount will be for a limited time. Continue reading

G FUEL Sale – Get 30% Off Your Purchase (Expires October 21st)!

A large number of gamers in our community have come to love G FUEL & what it represents in the eSports world. So we thought it was time that we got a good discount for you. After talking to our friends at Gamma Labs, they have provided us with a 30% Discount Code running from October 11th until October 21st. Using the code ”EsportsMobile” will get you 30% off your entire purchase at gfuel.com! Note that this discount will be for a limited time. Continue reading

Partnership Announcement – GameKing Gaming Glasses

We want to officially and proudly announce today our partnership with Crystal Hill Glasses. Crystal Hill is the owner of the GameKing Gaming Glasses, a brand of glasses designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and UV that’s emitted from technology and digital devices. With this new partnership, the company will be providing their products as prizes in our Mobile eSports events. Continue reading