Critical Ops: Team Deathmatch – Round 2 Roadmap

Round 2 begins! From 32 teams that participated in the Team Deathmatch Tournament, 16 talented teams have made it to Round 2. You can start your matches as of now and you have until May 26th to play. Round 3 starts on Saturday, May 27th and all of the Round 3 matches will be played on stream while all teams must be available on our appointed stream time. We have also updated the Bracket which you will find below. Continue reading

Dice Duel: The First Tournament – 16 Players Selected

We have selected 16 players for the Dice Duel Tournament. This is an interesting yet fun game that we wanted to put to the test and if the tournament gets positive feedback, we definitely will be making more. While this tournament will not be officially streamed, we may consider to stream some of the matches based on the players’ timing. You will find below the names of the 16 players that were selected. Continue reading

Critical Ops – Community Event #1

We began our eSports initiative for this community mainly because it was our home. Therefore, we want to introduce to you our first Community Event where anyone from the community can join in Critical Ops matches against the MOBILE E-SPORTS Moderators! We will create public lobbies and whoever joins first will play first and if the players beat our moderators, then each will get 2 Critical Ops Cases. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Team Deathmatch – Teams Announced

Today we announce the 32 teams that believe they have the skills and synchrony to become the champions of the Team Deathmatch Tournament. If your team was not selected then please understand that we received over 700 applications and we could only choose 32. We do our best to choose known teams and new teams alike in order to keep our tournaments competitive yet interesting. Continue reading