Critical Ops: Sniper Showdown – Register Now

One of our classic tournaments is back! Are you skilled enough to enter the Sniper Showdown? Equip your most talented players with snipers and unleash their talent upon your enemies. Snipers Showdown is a new tournament that allows you to demonstrate your prowess only with the sniper and through your team’s unique strategy. Does your team have what it takes to become the best among the snipers of Critical Ops?

Tournament Settings

  • Starting December 14th
  • Registration Ends: December 10th at 8 PM CET
  • Teams: 32 Teams Selected
  • Format: 3vs3 in Elimination Mode (9 Rounds)
  • Maps Allowed: Impasse, Overhaul, Warehouse
  • Weapons: URatio & TRG22 Only
  • Prize: $1000 Prize Pool, URatio Skin, MES Credits, & 25,000 In-Game Credits

Tournament Information

In this tournament, 32 teams from the Critical Ops scene will be selected to participate in a 3vs3 format. All tournament rounds will be based on a BO3 format. The Semi Finals will be based on a 13 round format while the Finals will be based on a 15 round format. All rounds will have selected matches eligible to be streamed. In addition, the Semi-Finals & Finals will be live-streamed.

This tournament will be played in Elimination mode which comes with 9 rounds. Once teams are selected, the team captains will be invited to a private chat on our Discord where they will be informed about the dates & times related to their matches and where they can talk to their opponents directly.

Teams will have to follow our recording process which is detailed in our Rules & Regulations. Any form of cheating or rule breaking will be penalized & we highly advise that team captains read all of our rules and explain the rules to their team members because this is the responsibility of the team leaders or captains.

Special Rules for Sniper Showdown

  1. Players can only use the URatio and TRG22.
  2. Up to 1 player only per team has to be using the URatio.
  3. You cannot use any other weapons, especially not the Pistol.
  4. The Knife can be equipped for movement but you cannot elimiate enemies with the Knife.

Tournament Prizes

The top ranking team will receive $700 in cash, Special URatio Skin, 20,000 in-game credits to be divided among their players, and 300 MES Credits to be divided as 100 MES Credits to each of the 3 main players.

Moreover, the 2nd ranking teams of each bracket will receive $300 in cash, and 5,000 in-game credits to be divided among their players.

For those of you who don’t know, MES Credits is a currency of ours which you can spend on our bot system shop and get amazing products such as gift cards, products from our sponsors, and more. Top players from the tournament will be rewarded with MES Credits as well.

Can your team become a champion in the Snipers Showdown Tournament? We will find out soon!


Be sure to sign up for Critical Ops: Sniper Showdown Tournament through our Web App which you can visit by clicking here. Alternatively, joining our Discord Chat. Once you are there, visit the #bot-channel room, type /apply and select the tournament from the menu. If you haven’t registered to our bot system yet then you can do so by typing /register and then you can see commands on how to create your team by typing /commands.

If you have applied, and want to update your tournament roster, use the /apply command again. Once the tournament has started, you wont be able to change it anymore. For this tournament, you can sign up with at least 3 players and can have a maximum of 5 players. Finally, make sure to read our Rules & Regulations regarding this tournament before you start playing.

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel.

Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful to have our amazing partners and sponsors on our side. They are supporting Critical Ops: The Fireteams Tournament in many ways. We will introduce our partners & sponsors below:

  • Critical Force was the first company we partnered with back in January of 2016 to launch the first Critical Ops Tournament. They are the team behind Critical Ops and have done a wonderful job in making Critical Ops as the ultimate mobile esports title. You can visit them at
  • GFUEL is our long time partner and is considered to be one of the most influential companies in the gaming industry. Their products are designed to energise gamers and non-gamers with their sugar-free delicious GFUEL drink. You can visit them at

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