Humans have been competing for as long as history can remember. Some fight their way for ideals, some for glory, and others for personal benefit. We aim to design our prizes to offer all of the aforementioned types of rewards. We want you to be a part of a great ideal that will be primarily driven by you. We want to bring to you the glory that your hard work has rightfully earned. Finally, we want to reward you with prizes that you can personally benefit from. For all of our eSports tournaments, the prizes awarded will be mentioned on this page. Note that you can read our rules and regulations regarding prizes by clicking here.

The Critical Ops Pistol Tournament – Prizes

#1 Ranking Team Will Receive:

  • $100 Cash Prize
  • 35 Premium Cases

#2 Ranking Team Will Receive:

  • 10 Premium Cases

The G FUEL Tournament Series – Prizes

Critical Ops – November 27th:

  • #1 Ranking Team – G FUEL Tubs & Shakers and 200 Cases

Clash Royale – December 2nd:

  • #1 Ranking Player – G FUEL Tub & Shaker and $20 Gift Card

Vainglory – December 9th:

  • #1 Ranking Team – G FUEL Tubs & Shakers and 12500 ICE