Call of Duty: Mobile – Rules & Regulations


  1. By participating in our tournaments, all participants automatically agree that they vow to respect fellow participants and the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Staff.
  2. Do not join an official tournament lobby if you are not part of the team that is playing. Ineligible players that do join are at risk of being banned from the tournament or receive other penalties.
  3. The usage of ‘jailbroken’ or ‘rooted’ devices in tournament matches is not permitted.
  4. Any private discussion or complaint you have with tournament officials are to remain confidential unless otherwise stated by the MOBILE E-SPORTS Staff. If you believe you had a bad experience and do have a complaint to file then you can do so within 48 hours after your match has ended. It is imperative to include a detailed report along with hard evidence of what your team, clan, or organisation is filing a protest for.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to gamble or bet during an ongoing tournament. This rule applies to players or a team management that has any relations to a participating party. Such actions can give unfair advantage to close associates of teams that are playing.
  6. We reserve the right to edit the rules at any time and disqualify teams for reasons not stated in this list or take other action.
  7. All participants agree that their matches may be streamed and/or recorded and published on our platforms such as Youtube. All participants have to join the official MOBILE E-SPORTS chat room on Discord App. Teams that have no representative in the chat after the tournament has started may be disqualified.
  8. It is prohibited to spam or use offensive messages on any of MOBILE E-SPORTS’ platforms and doing so may result in us taking punitive measures against you.
  9. During an on-going tournament, players are not allowed to change their in-game name. Clan Tags before in-game names are allowed to be changed.
  10. Team members that are aware of a fellow hacker or cheater’s actions yet failed to come forth in reporting him will be banned for a period of 2 months.
  11. Only touch input is allowed to control the game in this tournament.
  12. Ignorance of rules does not justify rule breaking. If you have questions about any rules, contact our support.


  1. All teams that wish to apply for our Call of Duty: Mobile tournaments must be registered to our Discord Bot. The team must contain at least 5 players in their team list. The team list must contain the Call of Duty: Mobile in-game names of the players.
  2. The team list must be managed through the bot.


  1. Matches that are not streamed on the official MOBILE E-SPORTS® Channels are considered Off-Stream Matches.
  2. Teams are given a time limit of one week (unless stated otherwise) to schedule their Off-Stream matches. If a match is scheduled to be played on stream, then we will schedule the time for the match. Only the captains of the teams may set up matches for their teams. Once an agreement has been made between two captains, the date and time of the match must be reported to the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Staff.
  3. Team captains that agree on a specific date must make sure that their team shows up on the agreed-upon time. If a team does not join the in-game lobby within 15 minutes after the agreed-upon time, they will be at risk of disqualification. Teams that do not respond on MOBILE E-SPORTS’ Discord chat room and to e-mails within 24 hours, may be disqualified.
  4. All matches must be supervised by an official moderator of the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Team. All official moderators have the “Moderator” role in our Discord Server.
  5. If two teams fail to schedule their match during the given time limit, one or both teams may be disqualified.
  6. Teams that are assigned to play during a stream and fail to show up without notifying us at least 24 hours before the start of the stream will be disqualified and may be banned from future tournaments.


  1. The usage of cheats, hacks, or any other third-party applications that give you an unfair advantage over your opponents will result in immediate disqualification. Teams or players may also be banned from future tournaments.
  2. Teams that attempt to use players which are not registered in their team (as shown in the team profile in the Discord Bot) may be disqualified.
  3. All players must remain in the game’s lobby following the conclusion of each match. This allows us to view their final score on the scoreboard. Players that leave the lobby earlier and thus do not show up on the scoreboard may be suspended from on-going tournaments.
  4. Once the match has started, only the players that are in the lobby are eligible to play. In the case of a player disconnecting and is not able to join back, a team is allowed to have a registered player on their team to substitute. This is allowed only once per match.
  5. It is not allowed to switch to the spectator mode. If a player is caught using the spectator mode, that team will automatically have to forfeit the current round of that match.
  6. Account sharing will be met with disqualification. Only the original owner of the Call of Duty: Mobile account may use it in tournaments.
  7. Abusing in-game glitches that give a team an unfair advantage is not permitted. Teams caught doing so may be disqualified.
  8. Depending on the settings for each individual tournament, more rules may apply for every match, such as banned items. If any special rules apply, then they may be found in the tournament’s registration article on this website.
  9. One Sniper per team and One unique Operator per team.
  10. Operator Restrictions cover the following: Transform Shield, HIVE, Ballistic Shield, Shadow Blade , and Equalizer.
  11. Scorestreak restrictions: UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, Care Package, Counter UAV, Sentry Gun, SAM Turret, Drone, VTOL, MQ-27 Dragonfire, Shock RC, Advanced UAV, and Shield Turret.
  12. Weapon Restrictions: LMGs, Shotguns, and RPGs. Baseball bat is banned. Large Caliber Ammo on the HVK-30 is banned. Cosmetic skins that have no effect on gameplay are allowed. NA-45 is banned.
  13. Skins: Weapon Variants and Purchased Weapons that alter the default iron sights and/or ANY weapon properties (damage, speed, etc). Iron sight changes are NOT allowed. Cosmetic weapons are allowed BUT must use default weapon iron sights.
  14. Perk Restrictions: Fast Recover, Persistence, Tracker, Ghost, Hardline, Demo Expert, Alert, Launcher Plus, Restock, Tactician, Quick Fix, and High Alert.
  15. Banned Weapon Perks (Gunsmith): Only FMJ and Tough weapon perks are allowed. Akimbo is banned.
  16. Attachment Restrictions: None.
  17. Equipment Restrictions: Tripmine, Molotov, Thermite, Cryo Bomb.


  1. Following the conclusion of a tournament, prizes will be sent within 40 working days approximately unless withheld for reasons concerning potential hacking, or other rule-breaking. If for any reason you do not receive your prizes following 40 days then please let us know and we will do our best to send them as soon as possible.
  2. Cash prizes will be sent from PayPal registered within the United Kingdom.
  3. If it was discovered that a team hacked or cheated during a tournament, they will have to abandon their championship title and refund the prizes they received in equivalent value.
  4. The prize recipient is in all cases the captain of the team (the person who is displayed as the leader in the team profile of the Discord Bot), unless discussed otherwise beforehand.
  5. Prize recipients are fully responsible for expenses such as corporation tax, personal tax, legal responsibilities, and currency conversion.
  6. Prize recipients are fully responsible for providing the correct full names, addresses, and PayPal details.
  7. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility for deciding how prizes will be divided among his team.
  8. Prize recipients are required to provide their ID or a similar document that allows us to confirm their identity to be eligible for monetary prizes.
  9. Prize recipients will need to sign a legally binding contract that their team has won the tournament without any cheating involved whatsoever.
  10. For regional tournaments, sponsored prizes are eligible to be shipped for that specific region only.