Critical Ops: Weekly Cup #1 – Register Now

It’s been a while since we announced a Critical Ops Tournament but we are proud to get back to where we first started. In late 2015, we announced the first Critical Ops Tournament ever and it was the game that we first debuted with. Today, we are proud to announce the new Critical Ops: Weekly Cup where teams can battle for Glory and in-game prizes. Here’s what you need to know about it and how you can sign up.

Tournament Settings
  • Starting April 8th
  • Teams: 8 Teams Selected
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prize: 9,000 In-Game Credit

In this tournament, 8 teams will be selected to participate in a 5vs5 format. We require that all players from each team to record the matches. The top team will receive 6,000 credits, the second will receive 2,000 credits, and the third team will be rewarded 1,000 credits.

Be sure to sign up for the Critical Ops: Weekly Cup Tournament by joining our Discord Chat. Once you are there, visit the #bot-channel room and type /apply COPS1 to register. Finally, make sure to read our Rules & Regulations regarding this tournament before you start playing. We wish you the best of luck!

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