Overdox: The Official Tournament – Preliminaries (1)

We welcome you to join us with the Preliminaries Round of Overdox: The Official Tournament. The Preliminaries will feature 48 players divided into 4 groups. This Saturday, October 3rd, we will feature 2 groups who will play. Furthermore, on October 11th, Sunday, the other two groups will be playing. However, today, our focus will be on the groups playing this Saturday, October 3rd, at 2:10 PM Pacific Time.

Tournament Settings
  • Streaming: October 3rd at 2:10 PM Pacific Time
  • Preliminaries: Groups A & C
  • Players: 24 / 48 Players on NA Server
  • Maps Allowed: Ancient Temple, Downtown, Land of Opulence
  • Mode: Free For All
  • Format: Group-Based Bracket System
  • Prizes: $300 Cash, G FUEL Products, 6,000 In-Game Crystals, & 100 MES Credits

Part 1 of the Preliminaries will be streamed this Saturday at 2:10 PM Pacific Time. These are the selected players that will be playing:

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Group A:

  • Cooji_
  • arcatrace
  • PKLiz
  • Killpax36
  • AeronOsk
  • Adaquia
  • BravFive
  • elcasador23
  • Ciphrix
  • PK_Sieg
  • Aetherized

Group C:

  • NKL
  • Lyli_San
  • Nevercare
  • JahBabylonia
  • Spurtss
  • Al4nV
  • crimsonwave
  • JAQ1ggy
  • GeraldMacYT
  • iNDiGOxDiMi
  • SeuVagem
  • 6SickSixX

As the live-stream begins, Group A will be invited to play in 3 matches taking place on Ancient Temple, Downtown, & Land of Opulence. Once Group A finishes these 3 matches, Group C will be invited to play in 3 matches taking place on the same maps mentioned.

All players were asked to submit their list of weapons for each match and were informed of the rules & regulations of this tournament. Following the 3 matches played by both groups, we will select the top 6 players of each group and advance them to the next round, Playoffs. We will calculate the points of each player by their ranking (being in 1st rank is equal to 12 points) + number of kills (being each kill calculated for 0.5 points).

Be sure to join us this Saturday at 2:10 PM Pacific Time to see talented players fight their way to the top in a battle royale hack n’ slash experience. Overdox is a competitive game and requires a lot of strategy and skills, it will be quite an event to see which players will advance to the next round. Stay tuned next week with our website since we will discuss the timing and players of Groups B & D.

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube ChannelBe sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel.

Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful to have our amazing partners and sponsors on our side. They are supporting Overdox: The Official Tournament in many ways. We will introduce our partners & sponsors below:

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