Critical Ops: World Cup Tournament – Round 3 Roadmap

Round 3 has arrived and 16 teams are left to battle their way to the top. These are the fiercest teams in the entire game and the matches are expected to be epic. We will be live this Saturday, March 25th, at 10AM Pacific Time. All teams must be available at this time and if a team fails to show up for their streamed match, they will be disqualified.

We do understand that the stream’s time may not be ideal for everyone since we have an international community. However, there will be no perfect time that works for everyone and all teams must recruit substitute players that can attend our assigned time. You must keep in mind that we also put a lot of effort to make these events happen and time is not perfect for us either, so we would appreciate it if your team is available.

We were very flexible with teams during Round 1 and 2 but starting from Round 3 if your team does not appear for a match, they will be eliminated. This is not an ordinary tournament, this is the World Cup and the team that deserves to win this event is one that takes it seriously and is prepared to appear at the appointed time.

Keep in mind that we will be streaming to several channels which you can watch us on: Twitch, Mobcrush, & YouTube. You are welcome to join us on any platform of your choice. For teams that made it to Round 3, you can check the updated Bracket to find your opponent below.

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