The G FUEL Tournament Series: Critical Ops, Clash Royale, & Vainglory – Register Now

In partnership with Gamma Labs, we are introducing The G FUEL Tournament Series. Throughout the series, we will host a tournament for Critical Ops, Clash Royale, and Vainglory. These are some of the most requested games and we wanted to bring them all to you in this series. You can register for any game that you want to participate in, or even for all the games if you wish to participate in all 3 tournaments.

The G FUEL Tournament Series Settings

  • November 27th: Critical Ops
  • December 2nd: Clash Royale
  • December 9th: Vainglory
  • Prizes: G FUEL Products & In-Game Currency

Since there are 3 different games, each tournament will have a different format than the other. Firstly, in the Critical Ops Tournament we will have 8 teams participate in a 5vs5 Defuse The Bomb format based on Best of 3 Format. Secondly, in the Clash Royale Tournament we will allow up to 16 players to participate in a 1vs1 single elimination competition. Thirdly, in the Vainglory Tournament there will be 4 teams selected to participate in a standard 3vs3 format.

Finally, if you wish to register for the tournament of your choice or all tournaments, then you can click here to go the registration page or you can do so below. In order to know more about the Prizes, please click here for more information.

You can follow us at:

Twitter: @eSports_Mobile

Youtube: Mobileesportsorg

Facebook: Mobileesportsorg

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