WarFriends: The Tournament – The Champion Announced

Since we announced the first ever WarFriends Tournament in November, we were all curious as to which player would be able to get the championship crown. With countless applicants, 16 of the best players in the WarFriends Community were selected. As we completed Round 1, Round 2, Semi-finals, and reached to the Finals, it came down to 2 of the best players that we have seen.

PorkChopperson who was level 43 with a record of 7-0 was scheduled to face Purple_Penguin who was also level 43 with a record of 7-1. PorkChopperson played more conservatively during the tournament and sniped his opponents extremely accurately. On the other hand, Purple_Penguin was very tactical, moving from one shield to another constantly, as he shoots down enemy soldiers as quickly as possible.

The two finalists faced each other in a Best of 7 format but before we tell you who ended up being the winner, we want to let you know of the predictions that the viewers had regarding the two players. A week ago we had a poll asking the viewers about who they think will win the tournament, 52.78% voted for Purple_Penguin, 30.56% voted PorkChopperson, and 16.66% were undecided.

The poll was leaning towards Purple_Penguin but the championship took a different turn. PorkChopperson ended up beating Purple_Penguin with a score of 4:1. He has won this competition with the best W/L ratio and has solidified himself as the Champion of the first ever WarFriends Tournament and will be receiving an official MOBILE E-SPORTS Certificate proving so.

We want to congratulate him for his victory and we want to thank everyone who participated, applied, and followed this tournament. We highly recommend that you watch the Finals Stream below and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

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