Bullet Force: A Competitive FPS – Community Event

So many of you have been requesting this competitive mobile game for a very long time and we are finally bringing it to you! On the 26th of January, we will have a Bullet Force Community Event where we bring this first person shooter to our screen and see your feedback on it. Bullet Force has been one of the top competitive games that the community rallied behind and supported for a very long time, so we believe this game will be a great addition to our Community Event Series.

If you are into fast-paced action games then you will easily become interested in Bullet Force. With four engaging multiplayer modes, strategic maps, and weaponry customisation, you will find yourself experiencing all of these features within a very competitive community. Does this game have a future in Mobile eSports? Join us live as we explore it together.

The Community Event Settings
  • Streamed Friday – January 26th at 7 PM PST.
  • Streamed On YouTube & Twitch
  • Bullet Force
  • 2 Hours Stream

Be sure to get the game from the App Store & Google play in order to join our streamers and play with them live! For those of you who prefer to watch, make sure you join us on the 26th of January live at our YouTube Channel. We look forward to see you there!

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