MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot – Organise Your Tournaments With Us

Since we started organising tournaments back in 2015, we learned a lot about the hardships that face organisers. That’s why we developed our own MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot that helps make the process easier. We used it for a long time and we are gradually expanding its capabilities. Today, we want to invite you to use our bot for your own tournaments and we will guide you on how to do so.

First of all, whether you are a player or an organiser, you can invite our bot to your Discord server by clicking here. However, to gain access to the organiser features, you need to contact us so we can give you approval. Feel free to reach us at our Discord Chat via the #support channel or by emailing us at Once we do give you access to the organiser features, organising a tournament becomes very simple.

General Information

The MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot makes it easy to organise tournaments. Advanced functions are available directly through discord. Teams can manage their players directly on Discord and apply for tournaments created by organisers. The bot will collect match stats for teams and players and display them in their profiles. Since the data is shared among organisers, teams only need to set up their team once.

Approved organisers will receive permissions to create and manage their own tournaments through the bot, however, they cannot manage tournaments hosted by other organisers.

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Important Commands


This command will let you create a new tournament. Respond to the bot with the correct information after the use of this command. Each tournament must have its own unique tournamentID. You can specify if you want it to be bracket based or leaderboard based.

In leaderboards based tournaments, teams receive points by winning matches against other participants. The amount of points they receive is based on the score and the match size (3vs3, 4vs4). In the settings, you can set whether the amount of matches teams play are limited, and whether only you can set up matches (for a league system), or if teams can schedule matches against other participants of their own choosing.

/addTeam <team> <tournamentID>

Use this command to add a team to the created tournament. Alternatively, you can remove a team via /removeTeam <team> <tournamentID>.


This command is used to create a match. Respond with the required information after using the command. You can delete a match by using /deleteMatch <matchID>. To display a list of recent matches, use /allMatches. This command can also be used by the team leaders, however in this case the match
needs to be confirmed by the other team leader via the command /confirm <matchID> to confirm the match. Team leaders are required to use the command below.

/addScreenshot <matchID>

(include the screenshot file)

The bot will read the screenshot and add the players and their individual scores to the match. If a player is not registered, or the name is very different, then the bot will not recognise them. The bot currently only supports this function for the following games: Call of Duty: Mobile, Forward Assault, Bullet Force. This function is still in development and may not be 100% accurate. Only the player profiles and Kill / Death statistics of the teams are affected by this function.

/brackets <tournamentID> and /leaderboards <tournamentID>

These commands will upload the bracket or the leaderboard for the tournament. Using the /match command will automatically update the bracket and leaderboard. These commands can be used by anyone.

How teams sign up for created tournaments

Teams need to follow the instructions received via the command /help to create their team. Afterwards, they have to use /apply <tournamentID> to apply for the tournament. The tournament organiser can see the list of applied tournaments by using /infoTournament <tournamentID>. The /apply command is optional: You can add any team with the before mentioned /addTeam command, for cases likes Invitational Tournaments.

Teams may add the bot to their own server. This can make the registration process for teams easier. All players need to be registered to the bot via the /register command to be added to the team by the team leader.