Forward Assault: The G FUEL Competition – Launches December 20th

We have an annual tradition where every year we host an official G FUEL Tournament that includes giveaways for the viewers and G FUEL Prizes for the winners. In partnership with Gamma Labs, we are organising the Forward Assault G FUEL Competition this Thursday with 8 talented teams selected to participate. This time, our game of choice is Forward Assault, a mobile fast-paced first person shooter that was developed by our partners at Blayze Games.

The G Fuel Tournament Settings

  • Launches December 20th
  • Starting at 12:10 PM Pacific Time
  • Live at
  • 5 vs 5 Format
  • 8 Teams Accepted
  • Any Map Allowed
  • Bomb Defuse Mode
  • G FUEL Prizes

This G FUEL Event will be quite exciting as we are selecting top teams with talented players. Which team will become the Finalist of this bracket? Be sure to join us live to find out and to support the team of your choice.

The selected teams will be updated on this page soon. We are proud to have our partners Gamma Labs & Blayze Games support this special event as it means a lot to us. We would be honoured to have all of you join us this Thursday at 12:10 PM Pacific Time as we launch the G FUEL Competition at