G FUEL Star Fruit – Welcome A New Flavor

Today’s G FUEL announcement is extremely interesting and just as special as previous ones. On behalf of our superb partners, G FUEL Energy, we hereby announce the next G FUEL product in line. It is the first ever female-inspired flavor by the ”Best in Gaming’‘ winner, NoisyButters. Welcome the new G FUEL Star Fruit which will become available on Wednesday, July 15th. Continue reading

G FUEL Peach Rings – Inspired By Sonic The Hedgehog

First introduced in 1991, Sonic The Hedgehog became SEGA’s mascot that opened an entire universe for children at the time and still does even to this day. Today’s announcement is extra special because two of our favourite companies are coming together to create a product that represents both worlds. G FUEL & SEGA have teamed up together to introduce the G FUEL Peach Rings, inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. Continue reading

The G FUEL Contest – We Are Closer Than Ever To Winning

We wanted to update you about the G FUEL Madness Contest and how we are performing. Just to recap, it started with 64 G FUEL partners, with us included. We won Round 1 and advanced to Round 2 where 32 partners remained in the competition. With your help, we managed to win and advance to Round 3 where 16 participants now remain. And now, we succeeded to make it to the Quarter Finals with 8 participants left. Continue reading