Call of Duty Mobile: The Gladiators Tournament – Round 1

With 8 teams selected for our Call of Duty: Mobile – Gladiators Tournament, we now have the dates and times for Round 1 matches ready to be announced. The teams will be playing in Search & Destroy on maps such as Crossfire, Standoff, Crash, Firing Range, and Raid. Which map will the teams play on and which team will win?

Tournament Settings
  • Round 1 / Best of 3
  • Streamed at
  • Players: 5vs5
  • Maps Allowed: Crossfire, Standoff, Crash, Firing Range, Raid
  • Mode: Search & Destroy
  • Format: Bracket System
  • Prize: $100 Cash, Gamer Goo Products

Round 1 will be divided into two days due to regional differences among the teams. The schedule for Round 1 is presented below:

Saturday (October 12th) – Starting 5:30 PM Pacific Time

  • Amplified vs D2R
  • DeltaStars vs USSR

Sunday (October 13th) – Starting 9:00 AM Pacific Time

  • Aesthetic X vs VENM
  • Tense Alliance vs Elevate

Be sure to join us on Saturday and Sunday to watch the matches live on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Players that are participating in this tournament need to know about the Rules & Regulations that will apply. We hope to see you all joining us for these matches, you will not be disappointed.

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