Call of Duty Mobile: The Gladiators Tournament – SemiFinals

With the start of our Call of Duty: Mobile – Gladiators Tournament, 8 talented teams were selected to compete in a bracket system. Now 4 teams remain to face one another in the Semi-Finals. They will play in Search & Destroy on maps selected by us. The maps that we will choose from are Crossfire, Standoff, Crash, Firing Range, and Raid. The teams need to be prepared for all of these maps.

Tournament Settings
  • Semi Finals / Best of 3
  • Streamed at
  • Players: 5vs5
  • Maps Allowed: Crossfire, Standoff, Crash, Firing Range, Raid
  • Mode: Search & Destroy
  • Format: Bracket System
  • Prize: $100 Cash, Gamer Goo Products

The Semi Finals schedule will be is presented below:

Sunday (October 20th) – Starting 10:00 AM Pacific Time

  • Amplified vs VENM

Sunday (October 20th) – Starting 11:00 AM Pacific Time

  • Elevate vs USSR

Be sure to join us on Sunday to watch the matches live on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Players that are participating in this tournament need to know about the Rules & Regulations that will apply. We hope to see you all joining us for these matches, you will not be disappointed.

You can follow us at:

Twitter: @eSports_Mobile

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