Madfinger Games: A New Partnership Announced

MOBILE E-SPORTS® is proud to announce its entry into Shadowgun War Games, a console-quality tactical shooter brought to you by Madfinger Games, the talented team behind so many titles like Unkilled, Dead Trigger, and the Shadowgun franchise. We are very excited about this partnership because Shadowgun War Games is a very competitive game that is being built to become an esports experience.

The story behind War Games takes place in the year 2356, a time when humanity reached the stars and achieved total peace. With the lack of conflict, boredom was the main problem for the people of that time. Everyone wanted entertainment and that motivated galactic corporations to invest in a competition where the best champions in the galaxy can participate in. That sparked the genesis of War Games.

Shadowgun War Games brings a lot of competitive elements with no pay-to-win mechanics involved. The Shadowgun universe presents all this action to you with vivid graphics that will capture your attention instantly. When you begin playing, the tutorial in the game will prepare you for the action and once you start competing online, the game will match you with players that are on your level.

The game focuses heavily on teamwork since each character on a team comes with their own unique ability and weaponry. For example, you will find characters like the renowned John Slade with skills including Grenade and Medkit. On the other hand, the character Jet features skills like Blink and Time Rift. There are also other characters like Sara, Willow, and Revenant.

Until the esports side of the game is ready which is expected to be in the coming months, we will be working with Madfinger Games to bring to you events, videos, streams, and articles that will cover all the information you need to know about Shadowgun War Games because you would want to be ready when tournaments are announced for it. This will include tutorials, maps, characters, and much more.

We will be working closely with Madfinger Games and will report your feedback to them, in case there are any. If you haven’t played the game yet then you can download it now from the App Store or Google Play. The current modes available are Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag which are really competitive and fun. Of course more modes will be added in upcoming updates.

Keep in mind that all of our Shadowgun War Games Events will include giveaways such as in-game currency or in-game items. There are amazing skins in the game which, in partnership with Madfinger Games, we will be giving away to viewers in the upcoming events. Moreover, once the esports side of the game is ready, new tournaments will be announced by us in partnership with Madfinger Games, so be ready by then.

Finally, our first live-stream will take place on Sunday (March 8th) at 1:30 PM Pacific Time on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Stay tuned with our announcements and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon. Be sure to watch the launch trailer for Shadowgun War Games below.