Call of Duty Mobile: Days of War Tournament – The Finals

We have finally reached the Finals after a competitive Semi Finals that kept us on the edge of our seats! It now comes down to two teams, Tribe Gaming and Infinex Gaming. They have a lot on the line: cash, prizes, and their reputation. Will they be ready to beat the the other in the upcoming matches? Both of them are skilled teams and will have to prove their talent in a BO5 Format in Search & Destroy Mode.

Tournament Settings

The Finals will be very unique from the previous rounds and you will have to watch it to see why! There are some surprises planned for the upcoming stream. The teams have confirmed their matches for Saturday (June 27th). The time slot for the stream on Saturday has already been confirmed so we will share with you the schedule below:

Days of War Event Schedule

Saturday (June 27th) – Starting 2:30 PM Pacific Time

  • 2:30 PM Pacific Time – Finals Match: InfinexGaming vs Tribe_Gaming [BO5]

The live-streamed event will start this Saturday at 2:30 PM Pacific Time. The Finals will be based on a BO5 format. Each team had a chance to choose a map and side for the first two matches, while the rest of the matches will be decided by the teams as well. If it goes to a fifth match, the map will be decided by the team with the best WL ratio throughout the last 4 matches, and the other team will decide on which side to choose for that map.

Be sure to join us on Saturday to watch the matches live on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube ChannelWe are very excited for this round since this one will decide which of the two teams is the more talented one.

Not only is there $300 on the line but plenty of sponsored prizes. Most importantly though, they have their reputation to keep and no team wants to lose the glory of becoming the champions of the Days of War Tournament. We hope to see you all joining us for these matches, you will not be disappointed.

Sponsors & Partners

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