Overdox: The Battle For Rewards – Community Event

The Overdox Tournament has been extremely fun and competitive but before we bring to you the Finals and the All-Star Round, we are announcing a special community event for this weekend. This community event is called The Battle For Rewards where viewers can join online matches and win in-game crystals. Are you ready to compete?

This community event will take place this Saturday on October 24th at 3:10 PM Pacific Time. All you need to do to participate is join the live-stream on our channel at youtube.com/mobileesportsorg. The streamer will be sharing room codes so that viewers can join the matches.

The top 3 players per match will receive a coupon code worth 450 Crystals which the winner can redeem. Those who win cannot participate in any more matches in order to give others the chance to win.

Those who make it in the top 3 of a match will be considered as winners and they will need to email us at support@mobileesports.org with a screenshot of their account profile. This way we will verify your identity and email you back with a coupon code to redeem.

Please keep in mind that these coupon codes can be redeemed on an Android device due to iOS restrictions. In order to redeem the codes you get you need to tap the menu icon on top right in the game’s main lobby, then tap the cogwheel icon on the right, after that tap the button that says ”insert code,” and finally enter the coupon code to redeem it.

The Battle For Rewards: Community Event Settings
  • Streamed Saturday – October 24th at 3:10 PM Pacific Time.
  • Streamed On YouTube & Twitch
  • Overdox
  • Free For All

You are welcome to join our stream to watch it live or to play with our streamers & the community! We look forward to see you there for a fun and competitive event.

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