Critical Ops: The Fireteams Tournament – The Finals

It was a long road but now we have reached the Finals. All the way from 64 teams down to 2 finalists, which of them will become the champion of the Fireteams Tournament? That is what we are here to discuss. Here’s what we have planned for this weekend.

Tournament Settings
  • Tournament: The Finals
  • Teams: 64 Teams Selected
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prizes: $500, Special Weapon Skin, MOBILE E-SPORTS Emblem, In-Game Credits, GFUEL Products, 500 MES Credits & Record In Hall of Fame.

We have selected the Finals match to be live-streamed this Saturday (December 12th) starting at 9:10 AM Pacific Time. The BO5 match will be quite competitive. Here’s how the schedule looks like.

The Fireteams Tournament Schedule

Saturday (December 12th) – Starting 9:10 AM Pacific Time

  • Map 1: Team Euphoria vs Team REIGN / Canals / RU1
  • Map 2: Team Euphoria vs Team REIGN / Raid / DE6
  • Map 3: Team Euphoria vs Team REIGN / Legacy / RU1
  • Map 4: Team Euphoria vs Team REIGN / Plaza / DE6
  • Map 5: Team Euphoria vs Team REIGN / Grounded / Round Balance

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel at Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel. Some matches that are not live-streamed will be recorded as videos and uploaded to the same channel.

The Finals Analysis

With 2 teams remaining, the tournament has become the most competitive it can be. To ensure a fair competition, the Finals will be based on a BO5 format where each team chooses the server they want to play on and the team with the better W/L Ratio (round difference) of the 4 matches will choose the final server. We find this format to be fair and competitive since the team with the better W/L Ratio earned the opportunity to choose the final server.

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For the Finals, Team REIGN & Team Euphoria have advanced to the Finals. The reason Euphoria & not Evil Vision has advanced is because Evil Vision failed to follow our rules & regulations for which they took full responsibility. Due to this unfortunate event, Team Euphoria is now in the Finals and will be facing Team REIGN.

To help you get a better insight of the teams playing, we have prepared this analysis featuring some information about the competing teams, players, and what we can expect.

Firstly, let’s take a look at Team REIGN, a team considered to be one of the best to ever adventure the game. Despite multiple line-up changes throughout their settlement in the Critical Ops scene, the team has always managed to perform incredibly well, defeating some of the most legendary teams with a score that often leaves the viewers in awe. Consisting of extremely gifted players, the team is not one that loses often. The back-to-back tournament wins and their incredible performance in the previous Critical Ops tournaments speaks for itself.

The expected line-up of REIGN for the Finals consist of:

  • Faultless: The young Russian player is known for his incredible ability to lead while keeping a consistent and high level performance which really separates him from the casual player. His impact on pistol rounds and the ability to remain calm in intense situations is said by many to be inspiring.
  • Fallen knight: Considered one of the best snipers of all time. He always has been doing the impossible. From wrist-breaking flicks to breathtaking no-scopes, he is also able to perform incredibly well when equipped with only a rifle, making him one of the most valuable player on the team.
  • Venoly: As opposed to the majority of the players participating in the Finals, Venoly has only been playing for a short amount of time. As he started gaining fame due to his natural talent, his ability to adapt from a passive to an aggressive play-style, and his ability to go from hitting unnatural shots with the u-ratio to showing insane accuracy with a rifle. He was quickly spotted by many teams and has decided to part ways with his previous team, x6, to join REIGN.
  • Melody: Melody has always been considered a very underrated player and since he got recruited by REIGN, he finally got the chance to prove to the world what he is made of. He is amongst some of the best rifle users and surely deserves more recognition for his talent, which is overlooked by many.
  • GESHA: Also known as Jewehh, the Russian player is a very entertaining individual. He is loved by the community for his inspirational plays, mainly involving the use of his insane understanding of the game and his incredible game sense making him one of the best lurkers in the game. He is well known for his comedic personality.

Together, they are often considered to be the perfect team. Their incredible communication, synchronised, and organised movement as well as their executed strategies will be a great asset going into the Finals!

Moving on to their opponents, Team Euphoria, previously known as VeZo is, unlike their opponents, a mixed team in terms of nationality. The European team consists of some of the most experienced players in the scene. Despite multiple team changes from most of their players, it seems like they were able to settle with a definite line-up, quickly rising to the top by performing extremely well in tournaments. Unlike many new teams, Euphoria has an advantage when it comes to chemistry with most of the players having played together for multiple months or even years in the past.

The expected line-up of Euphoria for the Finals consist of:

  • Hachkoko: Also known as Fierce, the founder of Euphoria is considered one of the best leaders in the Critical Ops scene. His ability to stay calm under pressure and motivate his players even in the worst situations is what makes him a very special and vital asset to the team. He is also very experienced and impactful in the most important rounds, often being a core reason for his team’s success.
  • Evence: Known as Shotz, he is one of the legendary names that still lives up to their legacy to this day. His teammates describes him as “one of the best support players” which is, believed by many, to be an accurate statement mainly due to his ability to consistently get refrags and wins most of the improbable clutch situations.
  • Rekusa: Rekusa, or Rexha, is one of the most unique sniper in the game. His understanding of the game is incredible, allowing him to make quick decisions which is vital as a sniper. His ability to adapt from an aggressive play-style to a passive one and to tale risks makes him standout from most aspiring snipers.
  • RoomZ: The British player is one of the nation’s best players. His patience makes him an incredible lurker. He is able to mess with his opponents’ head especially into making them rotating to allow his team to have an easier time committing to a different site. He is also able to use his patience to his advantage and pick off his opponents one by one, constantly giving an advantage to his team.
  • Cheeseman: Cheeseman, who also goes by the name “666” is one of the most loved and impactful player in the competitive scene. His unique communication, often resulting in multiple rounds being won by his team as a result, is always a good asset. He is also one of the most diverse players in the game being able to adapt to every weapon and play-style.

Together, Euphoria has serious potential, mainly due to their diversity and range of various skill sets. Their hard work and dedication is one of their biggest ally going into this game!

To conclude, there is no doubt that we will see a very interesting game. Despite REIGN coming into the Finals with the advantage of being the favorites, Euphoria has performed statistically better overall and it’s members have proven in the past what they are really capable of. By analysing all of this information, we can expect a competitive & close match in the Finals but mostly, we certainly hope to see the Finals go as far as the 5th map!

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