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After a successful Overdox tournament last year, we are very proud to announce the second official tournament for Overdox. This action-packed title is a hybrid of the hack n’ slash & the battle royale experience. In partnership with Haegin, we are introducing this new event with the same competitive spirit but with some changes to the format.

Tournament Settings
  • Starting: February 20th
  • Players: 48 Selected Players
  • Server: Southeast Asia
  • Maps: Death Asylum, Downtown, Land of Opulence
  • Mode: Free For All
  • Format: Group-Based Bracket System
  • Prizes: $300 Cash, G FUEL Products, 6,000 In-Game Crystals, & 100 MES Credits

Tournament Information

The 48 players will be selected to play in a Free For All mode on the Southeast Asia region. The Preliminaries (Round 1) will have the 48 players divided into 4 groups (12 players per group). Each group will play 3 matches & scores will be calculated based on performance in all 3 matches. The top 6 players of each group will advance to the Playoffs (Round 2).

In the Playoffs, the 24 players will be divided into 2 groups (12 players per group). Each group will play 3 matches & scores will be calculated on performance in all 3 matches. The top 6 players of each group will advance to the Finals.

In the Finals, the 12 players will face one another in a BO3 format & scores will be calculated on performance in all 3 matches. The top 3 players of the Finals will be rewarded. The first ranking player receives $250, G FUEL Starter Kit, 3000 in-game crystals, & 60 MES credits. The second ranking player receives $50, G FUEL Starter Kit, 2000 in-game crystals, & 40 MES credits. The third ranking player receives a G FUEL Starter Kit & 1000 in-game crystals.

Furthermore, there is another special event called the All-Star Round that we will organise for the top 12 players that made it to the Finals. The top 12 players will be divided into 2 teams (6 vs 6) and will play in a Free For All mode based on 3 matches. The winners of this round will receive 1 Legendary Weapon Selection Ticket and the losers of this round will receive 1 Legendary Equipment Draw Ticket.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

  1. Weapon grades will be based on the round played. Preliminaries will feature Rare or lower grades; Playoffs will feature Epic or lower grades; and the Finals will feature Legendary or lower grades.
  2. There will be no limitations to the armor that players wear throughout the tournament.
  3. Special Skins (Jack-o-Lantern, Snowman, & Wyvern Wing) are banned from this tournament.
  4. Starting level of all equipment (armors & weapons) will be locked to level 11, including during the All-Star Round.
  5. All stages of the tournament will following the following map order: Match 1 – Death Asylum > Match 2 – Downtown > Match 3 – Land of Opulence.

Finally, make sure to read our full Rules & Regulations regarding this tournament before you sign up and make sure you are aware of the rules at all times during the tournament.

Tournament Points Explained

Points will be based on 2 aspects: Match Ranking & Number of Kills.

  1. Match Ranking:
    1st place – 12 points
    2nd place – 11 points
    3rd place – 10 points
    4th place – 9 points
    5th place – 8 points
    6th place – 7 points
    7th place – 6 points
    8th place – 5 points
    9th place – 4 points
    10th place – 3 points
    11th place – 2 points
    12th place – 1 point
  2. Number of Kills:

Each kill a player scores within the match will count for 1 point (5 kills would equal 5 points).

Players will be ranked by the sum of points after all 3 matches. If 2 or more players are tied, their ranks will be decided by the following criteria:

  • Primary: Player’s highest match rank of the 3 matches.
  • Secondary: The player’s highest kill count during a single match within the Preliminaries or Playoffs.
  • Primary criteria will have priority over secondary. If primary criteria results as another tie, then player ranking will be decided based on secondary criteria. If both primary and secondary criteria result as a tie, then the players with the same points will go through an off-stream 1vs1 or FFA match.

1vs1 or FFA sudden death match rules:

  • Any map is possible, but the 1vs1 or FFA will only start when both players meet at the center.
  • Participants are required to move to the center of the map within a minute.
  • Any participant that fails to reach the center within a minute will be disqualified.
  • Players that disqualify or die first will receive later rankings.
  • If there are more than 2 players participating, and more than 2 have failed to reach the center within 1 minute, they will have to redo the match, but receive a lower rank than those that have made it to the center in time.


Be sure to sign up for Overdox- The Official Tournament II by joining our Discord Chat. Once you are there, visit the #bot-channel room and type /apply DOX2 to register. Please make sure that have signed up on our Discord Bot in order to apply successfully. Selection will be prioritized for SEA players as this tournament is focusing on the Southeast Asian Region.

Get Overdox On Your Mobile Device

In order to participate in this tournament, you need to have Overdox on your mobile device. To download it, click here if you have an iOS device or click here if you have an Android device.

Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful to have our amazing partners and sponsors on our side. They are supporting Overdox: The Official Tournament in many ways. We will introduce our partners & sponsors below:

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Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel.

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