G FUEL Mega Potion – The Hunt Is On

When you are roaming a world full of monsters, you will need the ideal tool to be successful in your hunt. In partnership with CAPCOM, G FUEL has released the ultimate drink to make you the ultimate hunter, and it is called G FUEL Mega Potion. This flavor is inspired by Monster Hunter Rise and it will amaze devoted fans as well as curious newcomers.

What do we know about the new Mega Potion? This fantastic flavor is inspired by Monster Hunter Rise which will be released on March 26th and is the 6th main instalment in the critically-acclaimed Monster Hunter series. The Mega Potion takes its name from an in-game consumable item which helps you regain your health. Interestingly, this is the second flavor that G FUEL has released in partnership with CAPCOM, the first being the Resident Evil 3 inspired Nemesis Tea Flavor.

The Mega Potion Tub design is quite incredible where it features two new Ninja-Clan Hunters, one riding their Palamute with a Palico close in tow and the other using the amazing Wirebug to fling. In the background of the Tub’s design are two new and scary monsters called Magnamalo and Tetranadon.

The Mega Potion Tub contains 40 servings and is priced at $35.99. It tastes like an exotic, mouthwatering mango jackfruit flavor which is unique and delicious.

“It’s an honor for us to go back into the lab with CAPCOM and bring to life a second G FUEL flavor inspired by another one of CAPCOM’s best-selling series,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “Working on a theme to capture the adventure of Monster Hunter Rise has been very exciting, and I’m sure our fans will love the new Mega Potion flavor.”

Click Here to pre-order this amazing new product. This will start shipping in late April but we recommend that you pre-order as soon as possible because it will start going out of stock soon.

Why get this product in the first place? G FUEL is an Energy Formula that was designed to increase focus and concentration. Its formula consists of natural ingredients that leads to a healthy lifestyle. A serving of this flavor only contains 15 calories and 140 mg of caffeine.

It contains 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants, and the perfect combination of vitamins such as C, E, B12, and B6. So if you are looking for the healthiest drink on the market, this is your first choice.

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