Dice Duel: The First Tournament – 16 Players Selected

We have selected 16 players for the Dice Duel Tournament. This is an interesting yet fun game that we wanted to put to the test and if the tournament gets positive feedback, we definitely will be making more. While this tournament will not be officially streamed, we may consider to stream some of the matches based on the players’ timing. You will find below the names of the 16 players that were selected. Continue reading

Dice Duel: The First Tournament – Registration Now Open

Today, we are opening registration to a new tournament for a different type of game. This game is called Dice Duel, a Yahtzy inspired experience that is played by millions of gamers. We will select 16 players only and enter them into a single-elimination bracket. The chosen players will then play against their assigned opponent and attempt to make their way to the top. Continue reading