Dice Duel: The First Tournament – 16 Players Selected

We have selected 16 players for the Dice Duel Tournament. This is an interesting yet fun game that we wanted to put to the test and if the tournament gets positive feedback, we definitely will be making more. While this tournament will not be officially streamed, we may consider to stream some of the matches based on the players’ timing. You will find below the names of the 16 players that were selected.

The Dice Duel Tournament Settings
  • Starting May 20th
  • 1vs1
  • Off-Stream
  • 16 Players Accepted
  • $50 Prize To The #1 Player & $10 Gift Card To The #2 Player

If you see your name below then you have been selected. We will reach you via the email address that you provided in your application with further details on how to proceed through this tournament. Thank you for participating and we wish you the best of luck.

  1. SpY-Devil
  2. TMIZ Bongy
  3. D2r legacy
  4. -TDC-ToOxiCo
  5. TG Elma
  6. Gamecrasher
  7. – M E D U S A –
  8. xXashXx
  9. rodrigo
  10. (Df) crazygammer
  11. CNFD_SEB1
  12. Yeehaw
  13. TheEmbrague
  14. oSmexy
  15. TryAnDCry
  16. jdj919

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