G FUEL Tetris Blast – A World Tetris Day Special

In celebration of 37 years of Tetris and as a special surprise for World Tetris Day, G FUEL has partnered with The Tetris Company, Inc. to introduce to you the G FUEL Tetris Blast! You didn’t see this one coming, did you? We all remember this classic game as far the 90s and if you are old enough then you probably remember it from the 80s as well. It is only deserving for the pioneer of gaming to get its own energy drink.

Tetris is older than most gamers alive today and celebrating a game that kept the culture of gaming alive all these years is important for all gaming enthusiasts. The game has been played and loved by people of different cultures and ages. Every year, billion of Tetris games are played while over 500 million Tetris games have been downloaded on mobile until now. Today is a day worth celebrating.

What is the G FUEL Tetris Blast all about? This product is designed to be not only delicious but also colourful, representing a 37 year old brand. At this point, Tetris Blast is best described as a rainbow candy flavor. It will be available worldwide but is likely to go out of stock not long after it is launched, therefore grab one before it does.

It is sold as a G FUEL Tub at the price of $35.99 & comes in a Collectors Box at the price of $39.99. We recommend that you get the Collectors Box because it is a limited edition and comes with a Tetris-themed Shaker Cup. The Collectors Box is the more economical choice since you get the Shaker Cup cheaper than its usual price. Tetris Blast will also come in the form of cans (4 pack & 12 pack) later this month for U.S. customers only.

“Tetris is thrilled to be working with G FUEL, one of the biggest names in energy drinks, to deliver the ultimate thirst quencher for game fans,” said Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Tetris. “We see G FUEL Tetris Blast as the perfect addition to our ever-growing lineup of lifestyle products, and what better day for its debut than World Tetris Day.”

“We’re honored to team up with the iconic Tetris brand and for the first time in history, take fans from just playing Tetris to playing and tasting Tetris in the form of an energy drink,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “With Tetris Blast’s bursting rainbow candy flavor and attention-grabbing packaging, Tetris fans around the world will love sipping on our newest flavor as they make order out of chaos.”

Here’s why you should get the G FUEL Tetris flavor in the first place, G FUEL is an Energy Formula that was designed to increase focus and concentration. Its formula consists of natural ingredients that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

This product contains 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts, and features the perfect combination of vitamins such as C, E, B12, and B6. In addition, it only has 15 calories and 140 mg of caffeine. So if you are looking for the healthiest drink on the market, this is your first choice.

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