Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Quarter-finals Are Coming

We have all watched the brutal matches of Round 3. It started with 16 teams and ended with 8 but the victorious 8 teams are far from safe. Now, the Quarter-finals await them and they have to prove themselves in 4 game-changing battles. This Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time, we will live stream the matches on our usual Mobcrush Channel, Mobile eSports. There are 8 strong teams waiting for their matches right now but only 4 will make it out. We all expect to see the 8 teams available on Saturday and any team that doesn’t show up will be disqualified, simply because the Semi-finals and Finals are only a day later. We have provided for you all the necessary information below.

In regards to March 5th (Saturday), we will live stream 4 matches for the Quarter-finals:

  1. Kings Vendetta vs DvS Armageddon
  2. OTF vs SxC Spartan
  3. VC vs Kings Empire
  4. Nismo vs Team DvS

As you well see, these will be some of the toughest matches in FPS history because the teams that made it this far are no ordinary teams. You can expect coordinated strategies, strong resistance, surprising results, and non-stop action on colossal levels. We want to give you a brief look into the fun and action that took place in Round 3. Our talented streamer, Kuba, has prepared a trailer for the Quarter-finals that puts the previous round into perspective. You can check it out below.

We will repeat again that all teams must be available at 11 AM Pacific Time this Saturday. Similar to Round 3, we want to give you the opportunity to vote for the teams that you think will win in the Quarter-finals. We will make the polls available for you to vote in the next article, so stay tuned! Below you will find the updated Bracket.

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