MOBILE ESPORTS – Now Featured on Mobcrush

The Phoenix Tournament was a blazing fire. Amazing support from the community received and even Mobcrush has helped shine the spotlight on this competitive tournament. We are very grateful for all of your support and we aim to work tirelessly on more and bigger tournaments for the future. Just recently, Mobcrush featured our Mobcrush Channel on their platform which is absolutely phenomenal. This is all possible because of you, the amazing community to which we are forever grateful. In addition, Mobcrush has done so much to help us on our journey by inviting our team to their headquarters, offering prizes, and now featuring us. Words can never be enough, nevertheless, Thank You Mobcrush! Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Meet The Sponsors

Truly, the unexpected can be expected in the Phoenix Tournament. Amazing matches took place in every round and it’s during these moments that competition & fun are at the peak. It is time that you meet the sponsors that are offering some of the prizes in this tournament. Without them, the fun moments and competitive battles may have not been possible. So we ask that you give a few minutes of your time to learn more about them because they believed in the Mobile eSports cause and gave their time & prizes to you. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Quarter-finals Are Coming

We have all watched the brutal matches of Round 3. It started with 16 teams and ended with 8 but the victorious 8 teams are far from safe. Now, the Quarter-finals await them and they have to prove themselves in 4 game-changing battles. This Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time, we will live stream the matches on our usual Mobcrush Channel, Mobile eSports. There are 8 strong teams waiting for their matches right now but only 4 will make it out. We all expect to see the 8 teams available on Saturday and any team that doesn’t show up will be disqualified, simply because the Semi-finals and Finals are only a day later. We have provided for you all the necessary information below. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – When, Where, & Who?

Tick Tock goes the clock as teams align their soldiers. We are getting closer to the opening day, only 4 days to go! As you can see below, the official advertisement is complete and we can all agree that it looks insanely beautiful. This is the first mobile eSports for a first person shooter game in forever, so it’s hard to think of how we can welcome such a historical event with our excited minds. Let’s start by going to the top of our roofs and screaming as loud as we can! Okay, we won’t do that but it would’ve been a good way to express how we feel. But let’s get to the more important part of this tournament.

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Critical Ops Tournament – To Be Debuted From Mobcrush HQ

If we were to mark a historical date for Mobile Gaming, it would be February 14th. This is the day that will drive the era of Mobile eSports towards a brighter future. But there are many amazing companies and individuals who have immensely contributed to this grand event. First of all, we want to thank Mobcrush for giving us the great opportunity to have the opening day of the tournament livestreamed from their headquarters in Santa Monica.

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