The Phoenix Tournament – The Fight For Glory Begins

There are times when every single move that you make is being watched. Surely it is not easy but that is what our 4 semi-finalists will experience this Saturday. The team that will take the Phoenix Cup this Saturday will be the team that has confidence, communication, and competence. Four teams remain and yet they are no simple teams. If they made it this far then each one is capable of winning this tournament. This Saturday (May 28th) at 10 AM Pacific Time, you can watch the Semi-finals and Final live at Oh, did we mention? The remaining matches will be livestreamed from Mobcrush Headquarters! Without further ado, let’s explore the teams that will play in the Semi-finals and then leave you with some guidelines. Continue reading

Critical Ops – Rules & Regulations

Friends, the time has come to re-visit the ground rules for the Critical Ops Tournaments. It is important that all teams acknowledge and follow the rules in order for us to deliver a fair and fun tournament. A world without rules is a world of chaos and we want to build the Critical Ops world on an orderly platform. The rules provided will serve as a guide for current and future Critical Ops Tournaments. Let’s start, shall we? Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Meet The Sponsors

Truly, the unexpected can be expected in the Phoenix Tournament. Amazing matches took place in every round and it’s during these moments that competition & fun are at the peak. It is time that you meet the sponsors that are offering some of the prizes in this tournament. Without them, the fun moments and competitive battles may have not been possible. So we ask that you give a few minutes of your time to learn more about them because they believed in the Mobile eSports cause and gave their time & prizes to you. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Quarterfinals Matches

The tournament was an epic journey for all of us and we want to congratulate all those that have made it to the top. There will be a special article to thank the winners, Kings Vendetta, Kings Empire, and OTF. But for now, we want to bring to you the Quarterfinals since many of you were asking for the matches. On this page, we have added the edited version of the whole stream where you can watch the 4 intense matches one after the other. We hope that you enjoy the great shout casting done by iChase and Kuba. These were very unpredictable matches, so fasten your seat belts, folks! You can find the Quarterfinals video below. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Cast Your Vote For The Quarter-finals!

It’s hard to believe that the Quarter-finals are already around the corner, but they are. This time we gather together on Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time to live stream the 4 matches that remain. There will be 4 winning teams and 4 losing teams. Do you think you can predict the results? Last time you voted, you were pretty much accurate on almost every match, which was very impressive. This time you will cast your vote on 4 matches and before every match, we will announce the poll result in order to see if your expectations will unfold accurately. Without keeping you waiting any longer, we present to you the polls for the Quarter-finals below. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – The Quarter-finals Are Coming

We have all watched the brutal matches of Round 3. It started with 16 teams and ended with 8 but the victorious 8 teams are far from safe. Now, the Quarter-finals await them and they have to prove themselves in 4 game-changing battles. This Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time, we will live stream the matches on our usual Mobcrush Channel, Mobile eSports. There are 8 strong teams waiting for their matches right now but only 4 will make it out. We all expect to see the 8 teams available on Saturday and any team that doesn’t show up will be disqualified, simply because the Semi-finals and Finals are only a day later. We have provided for you all the necessary information below. Continue reading

Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – Cast Your Vote For Round 3!

As you well know, there are 8 intense matches for this week and victory can be unpredictable. A talented player might clutch a match, a team might have a secret strategy, or one of the team captain’s might lead his team to victory after a long week of training. The question remains, who will win? We want to test your Critical Ops Analytical Thinking and give you the chance to cast your vote on the team that you think will win for each of the 8 matches for Round 3. The polls will be announced at the beginning so that you may know what the general community believes and see if their prediction will come true. Below, you will find 8 polls where you can vote for the team of your choice for each match. How good are you at predictions? Let’s find out!

Continue reading

Critical Ops Tournament – By DN Network & CFE Company

Although it was recently released, Critical Ops has already inspired mobile gamers of a future with eSports gaming due to its tactical warfare & intense action. In partnership with Critical Force Entertainment, we decided to make your dreams into a reality and host the biggest FPS tournament to ever take place on the mobile platform. You will find the necessary details and tournament registration link below.

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