The EU Qualifier: Team Spotlight – DC Legends

The first in our EU Qualifier to be featured is DC Legends, a team that was founded in April, 2014. Originally known as DiCe, the clan was founded by a group of friends that has exponentially increased in size and reputation since the time of Modern Combat 4. Now, they have advanced to Round 2 and are aiming for the finals.

Yet, winning the EU Championship is only an objective; their goal is the World Cup and are training religiously to get there. The players in DC Legends have started playing Critical Ops since its Alpha phase. So their is no doubt about their experience and skills.

The main feature about this team is their ability to improvise. When they find themselves in a losing situation they know how to turn the table around and surprise their opponent. Will they achieve their ambitions? Stay tuned with the EU Qualifier to find out.

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