The EU Qualifier – Round 3 Roadmap

16 teams left and we are getting closer to meet the Champion of the EU Qualifier. Round 3 begins today and the teams that are in this round will be invited to the World Cup. In this post we have added an updated bracket for you to find your opponents. All teams are available on our Discord Chat so be sure to join.

All teams that made it this far have until next Sunday, January 22nd, to play their matches. We will soon announce a date for our next stream and together watch some of the most action-packed matches in this community. Remember that if you struggle in getting in touch with your opponent then ask our moderators and admins for help.

We will also email all teams with the details of their opponent so that matches can be set up quickly. Friends, the World Cup draws near and we are going to witness some of the best matches to ever take place. You can view the latest bracket below.

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