WarFriends: The Tournament – Stream Announcement

We are very excited to announce our first stream for the game WarFriends which will take place on Friday, December 1st, at 10 PM Pacific Time. The stream will discuss information regarding The WarFriends Tournament and we also have some surprises for you that we rather have you see for yourselves. We do recommend that you grab your popcorn because it will be a very interesting stream.

The WarFriends Stream #1 Settings

  • December 1st at 10 PM Pacific Time
  • Tournament Discussion & Game Exploration
  • Streamed On YouTubeTwitch& Youtube
  • Streamers – iChase & Sudden

If you have not downloaded the game yet, click here to get it from the App Store or Google Play. We would be very happy to have every single one of you join us for this livestream because you make every stream of ours lively and fun. To learn more about The WarFriends Tournament, please watch the video below.

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