Clash Royale: The G FUEL Tournament – Players Selected

If you weren’t ready to clash, then you better be now! We have selected 16 players for G FUEL’s Clash Royale Tournament and we cannot wait to see which of them will rise to the top. We have all the details for the participants and the viewers available below so make sure you don’t miss out.

The G Fuel Tournament Settings

  • Starting December 2nd
  • Stream on December 9th at 10AM Pacific Time
  • 1 vs 1
  • 16 Players Accepted
  • Single Elimination
  • G FUEL Tub & Shaker and $20 Gift Card

Selected players can find their name in the bracket below, so if you see it make sure to join our Discord Chat where you need to request a ”Clasher Role” in our #teamrolerequest room. Then, our staff members will give you access to the #Clash-Royale channel. We have previously confirmed with all of the selected players so you know how to reach us if you don’t manage to get access to the channel.

As for the tournament matches, all rounds will be livestreamed on December 9th at 10AM Pacific Time in a Single Elimination Format. However, starting December 2nd we will start inviting you to our MOBILE E-SPORTS Clan in Clash Royale and help you prepare. Finally, you can check if you were selected by viewing the bracket below.

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