Critical Ops: The Pistol Tournament – Register Now

There are so many tournaments we wanted to host in the past which we felt were not only competitive but also fun. One of them is the Pistol Tournament which several players suggested and wanted to see. At the start of every match, pistols can make or break a team. Using pistols is a skill because everyone can get kills with an AK-47 but can we say the same about pistols?

In this tournament, we will select 8 teams to face each other in a 5vs5 format. All pistols can be used but no other weapon category is allowed. Do you believe that your team can adapt to any situation and outperform the best teams in the community? Here is your chance to prove this to the world that you can defuse and plant the bomb even though you are limited to pistols only.

The Pistol Tournament Settings

Registration is now open and will end on March 1st. You can register for this tournament by signing up below or clicking here. Also do read our Rules & Regulations so that you can prepare your team with what they can and cannot do. Finally, be sure to follow us on our social media in order to get the latest news about this tournament.

You can follow us at:

Twitter: @eSports_Mobile

Youtube: Mobileesportsorg

Facebook: Mobileesportsorg

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