MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot – The Launch of Version 2.0

A big update is coming to our Discord Bot soon! With a completely new interface, using the bot will be easier than ever before.

New Interface

Slash Commands

With so many different commands, it’s easy to forget a command, but don’t worry! With this update, misspelling a command or forgetting its name altogether is a thing of the past.

Now, if you type “/”, a list of commands will pop up, including a description for each of them. Once you have selected a Slash Command, a list of parameters and their description will pop up.

If you have the bot in your own server, but new Slash Commands are not visible, then you may need to re-invite the Bot to your server for it to have all necessary permissions.

Use this link to add the bot to your server:

Menus & Buttons

Although the new Slash Commands makes using commands much easier than before, we tried to keep the amount of commands to a minimum. Many functions are now in Menus and Buttons instead of being a separate command.

For example, using the new /myteam command as leader will display a menu to manage your team.

Thanks to the menus, remembering IDs for matches, tournaments, etc. are no longer required.

Applying for tournaments will show a menu with all available tournaments.

The /alltournaments and /allmatches will let you find a tournament or match through menus.

There are thousands of matches stored in our system. So if you are curious about results and statistics from the past, these commands will be your new favourites!

Other Changes

Tournament Rosters

With the new update, each team creates a Tournament Roster for each tournament they sign up for. The players are selected from among the team list, during the /apply command usage. For each tournament that you participate in, your team profile will display a Tournament Roster.

This was a necessary change, to prevent conflicts when multiple tournaments are hosted with the bot simultaneously.

A few more notes on the Tournament Rosters:

  1. A player cannot be in more than one Tournament Roster for the same tournament
  2. Removing a player from the team does not remove them from Tournament Rosters
  3. Once a team has signed up for a tournament with their roster, it cannot be edited by default.
  4. If the tournament organisers made lineup changes available, you can edit your Tournament Roster through the menu when using /myteam.

Invite System

Currently, the /invitePlayer command automatically adds a player to your team.

However, with the new update this will change.

Inviting a player will send an invite to them. To join the team, they need to accept this invite.

An invite can be sent by viewing a player’s profile and clicking the Send Invite button.

To accept an invite, the player has two options:

  1. Use the menu on their profile on the /myprofile
  2. Viewing the team profile and clicking on the Join Team button

Invites expire after 10 days or if the team changes ownership.

Delete Account

If for any reason, you wish to delete your account, then you may do so now without having to contact us for it.

Please note that if you delete your account, then you may not register with the bot again.

This is a necessary limitation to prevent players from abusing this functionality to circumvent cooldowns or reset their account due to bad performance.

If you still wish to delete your account, then you may do so now through the menu when using /myprofile. This will delete your profile and all of its information, however any match results associated with your in-game name will not be deleted.

Deleting an account cannot be undone, and we will not fulfil any requests to let players register again after deleting an account.

When is the Update coming?

Before we make the new commands and functions globally available, we will be testing it in our MOBILE E-SPORTS Server only. You may test them here, but the old commands will still continue to work. Tournament Rosters and Invites will not be available on the old commands.

After we are happy with the results of the testing and have fixed any bugs we may have missed in our private testing, we will make the new commands and functions available in all servers the bot is in.

Once the update is live on all servers, the old commands will be disabled.