Beast Brawlers: A New Update Coming – Community Event

Beast Brawlers, the MOBA-inspired title by PiiK Games, is set for a big update this week. We will have a community event to discuss these upcoming changes to the game. There is a new anticipated game mode coming and a new limited-time tournament integration.

If you haven’t played Beast Brawlers yet, the game introduces a unique side of the MOBA genre and features an online multiplayer mode where 4 players face off while battling it out with the beast of their choice. Currently, there are 9 unique Beasts to choose from and 11 Divisions available.

The Beast Brawlers Community Event Settings
  • Streamed Monday – May 28th at 5 PM PST.
  • Streamed On YouTube & Twitch
  • Beast Brawlers
  • 2 Hours Stream

If you don’t have the game on your mobile device then be sure to get it for free from the App Store or Google Play. We hope to see you today for this exciting event!