Critical Ops Qualifiers – Registration Is Now Open

You asked for it and we are here to deliver. The time has come for the talented and the tactical amongst you to rally their team and register for the biggest series of FPS competitive gaming in the mobile world. We are trying to push the boundaries of eSports on the mobile platform like no other. We have invested a lot of time, effort, manpower, and resources. Most importantly, we listened to you and that’s how we came up with the Qualifiers series. Many of you wanted to play on different servers due to your diverse regions and our job is to listen to you and make it become a reality. Finally, the Registration link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Now, all teams can register for the Qualifiers series and we strongly urge that you try and get your application right from the first time. We know that their might be changes happening in your team but please do your best to send a valid application from the start. The application form will require you to give a description of your team and even a website (if available). This will help us in knowing you better, portraying you accurately, and helping your team/clan image become more professional.

The Qualifiers series will include minimal prizes but the main prize will be set for the World Cup Tournament which will include a considerable amount of money. We listened to many of your feedback, some loved the prizes we offered and others preferred something else; therefore we thought that money is the best prize since it can get you anything. If you are among the top 16 teams in the Qualifers, then one of your rewards will be an invitation to the World Cup Tournament.

Finally, remember to be available on our Discord Chat in order to communicate with your opponents. If your team has not joined our chat yet, then you can join it through this link: For those of you that are worried about how to win this tournament, you can rest assured that we will update this website with articles that can provide you with the right tools to go to the tournament prepared!

Click here to be directed to the registration form or simply follow this link:

16 thoughts on “Critical Ops Qualifiers – Registration Is Now Open

  1. Hello, TSO is a new clan we will be grateful to join ur turny this will be our first turny he is our guys

    Developer/Head Commander – Pikachu
    Allied Clans-


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