Blayze Games: A New Partnership Announced

MOBILE E-SPORTS® is proud to announce its entry into Forward Assault & Bullet Force, the popular first-person shooters that have attracted tens of millions of players around the world. In partnership with Blayze Games Incorporated, we are excited to introduce tournaments for both games in the coming weeks.

The first tournament will be for Forward Assault with registration starting on June 15th. Following that, registration for Bullet Force will start on July 1st. In each tournament, 32 teams will be accepted so if you haven’t played for a while, now is the time to build up your team and improve your skills. Not only will you get to participate in the first tournaments for these competitive games but wait till we tell you all about the prizes.

In both tournaments, the winning team will receive $500 and a unique in-game skin will be exclusively made for the team members. No other team will have access to such skins apart from the winning team. If you land as the 2nd or 3rd then you will also be rewarded heavily with massive in-game Gold. 50,000 Gold will be rewarded to the 2nd team in Forward Assault and 15,000 Gold to the 3rd team. As for Bullet Force, the 2nd team receives 32,000 Gold while the 3rd team will be rewarded 12,500 Gold. More details about each tournament will be available when registration begins.

As you can see, these are exciting times to be in and amazing games to be playing at the moment. Not only will you be playing for cash prizes in both of the aforementioned titles but you will get the opportunity to have your team distinguished among the millions of players. Most importantly, you will be part of the first official tournaments for both games, so be ready to register your team soon in order to be part of history.