Critical Ops: King of the Arena (Season 3) – Teams Selected

Today we are announcing the 30 selected teams for King of the Arena: Season 3. In this tournament, teams will face off against each other in a ladder-styled competition. In this season teams will find it easier to challenge each other due to the introduction of our new Discord Bot. Are you ready to lead your team to the #1 spot?

Each team will start with 1000 points and can challenge one of the selected teams in a 3vs3, 4vs4, or 5vs5 Defuse The Bomb match. Any maps are allowed and teams need to mutually agree on the server. If for any reason there is no agreement on server then they can agree on playing 2 matches, each on their of choice.

To check if your team was selected, click here to be redirected to the the list of teams. If your team has been selected, ensure that your team’s captain is available at our Discord Chat. Once there, please register your team (if you haven’t) using the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot. It is important to have your team registered to the bot in order to issue challenges against other teams and report the result of each match via the bot.

The bot will also allow you to add or remove players from your team, which means you can change your roster at any time you wish. All selected teams will be given a role on Discord and added to the room #criticalops-tournament. All you need to do is go to #teamrolerequest room, identify which team you are a captain of and you will receive a role to have access to the tournament room. Any questions regarding the bot will be answered by our moderators or admins.

Basic Bot Commands:

  • 1. Register yourself to the bot – /register
  • 2. Set your in-game name – /setUsername <in-game name>
  • 3. Register your team if you didn’t – /createTeam <teamName> <Region>
  • 4. Invite your players to your team – /invitePlayer <playerName>

To learn more about how to use the commands, you will find more information here or by typing /help in our #bot-channel on our Discord.