Bullet Force: The Summer Cup – Teams Selected

For a long time, Bullet Force has been one of the most popular first person shooter in the mobile esports community. With the launch of the first official tournament, we are announcing the 32 selected teams today. In this article, we will cover the teams, tournament details, and the rules & regulations.

The Bullet Force Summer Cup Settings

While many more teams have applied for the tournament, we could only select 32 teams this time. If you were not selected, then know that there will be new opportunities for your team in the future. Also, keep in the mind that the selected list of teams & brackets are open to change due to the replacement of inactive or disbanded teams. Therefore, we urge that all team captains to be available in our Discord Chat and request a ”Captain Role” in our #teamrolerequest room to gain access to the #bf-tournaments room.

Teams that were selected were sent a confirmation message by the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot. The team captains registered to the teams will receive the message through a Discord DM. Furthermore, make sure that your team is aware of our Rules & Regulations for the Bullet Force Tournament because ignorance of any rule might lead to your disqualification.

If you have further inquiries regarding the tournament, you are welcome to ask questions on our #support channel on Discord and our moderators will do their best to help you. Once all teams have been finalized into the tournament by the end of July 31st, they will be notified on when they can play their matches for Round 1. Finally, you can check the accepted teams below.

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