Forward Assault: The Summer Cup – Congratulating The Winners

It has been a long road for many of the teams that participated in the first official Forward Assault Tournament. Only a few have remained till the end to battle it out for Rank 1, 2, and 3. With D2R Mystic and Prime battling for the top and second position, while USSR and Euphoria fighting for the 3rd position.

After a lengthy and ruthless Finals, D2R Mystic beat Prime with a score of 3-1 in a best of 5. Prime gave D2R Mystic a fight they would not forget as the matches were close and it could’ve ended any team’s victory. We would like to congratulate D2R Mystic for becoming the champions of this competition and for demonstrating professionalism and sportsmanship. In addition, Prime has made the Finals a series of matches that won’t be forgotten, we want to congratulate them for landing in the 2nd position.

As for USSR and Euphoria, they certainly put on an amazing performance. Congratulations to USSR for winning the 3rd place in the Forward Assault Summer Cup and we want to also thank Euphoria for making the matches quite interesting with their strategy and teamwork. In truth, the real winners of this tournament is the Forward Assault Community because together we have brought this fascinating game many steps closer to the Mobile eSports world. Lastly, you can watch the Tournament Finals below.