Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – Teams Selected

We are excited to announce to you today the teams that were selected for the Battle of Glory Tournament: Season 1. Keep in mind that if you wish to join the tournament after it has started, you can still do so. All you have to do is follow the instructions of registration as explained here. The names you will see announced house talented players and we can’t wait to see which teams make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Battles of Glory Settings
  • Starting September 27th
  • 3vs3, 4vs4, or 5vs5
  • Any Map Allowed
  • Bomb Defuse
  • Points System
  • 120,000 Gold, Unique Skins, G FUEL Energy, GT Omega Products, Mobile Grips, GameKing Gaming Glasses, & $1000 Cash

If a team finds their name on the list below, the captains can gain access to the #fa-tournaments chat room by typing the bot command /checkIn FA02 in #Bot-Channel. Teams that were selected were sent a confirmation message to their captains by the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot through a Discord DM.

Furthermore, make sure that your team is aware of our Rules & Regulations for The Forward Assault Tournament because ignorance of any rule might lead to your disqualification.