Partnership Announcement – GameKing Gaming Glasses

We want to officially and proudly announce today our partnership with Crystal Hill Glasses. Crystal Hill is the owner of the GameKing Gaming Glasses, a brand of glasses designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and UV that’s emitted from technology and digital devices. With this new partnership, the company will be providing their products as prizes in our Mobile eSports events.

Gaming glasses are an important eSports element due to the amount of hours players spend looking at their screens. With GameKing’s Gaming Glasses, players can now protect their eyes while playing on their mobile devices. If you happen to be a gamer then it is always safer for you to own some of their glasses.

We highly recommend their products which you can check by visiting You can use Code ”EsportsMobile” to get 15% off your purchase. Finally, we want to welcome our new partners to the Mobile eSports community and thank them for their support of our community.