Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – Season 1 Concludes

After a month of extreme competition between the Forward Assault Teams that participated in the Battles of Glory Tournament, Season 1 has concluded. Now, the teams prepare for the beginning of Season 2 which will launch this Thursday, Nov 1st. To refresh your memory, this tournament consists of 3 Seasons & a Championship which only the top teams will be selected to participate in. We are all excited to see which teams land on the top spots in this upcoming season.

We want to congratulate the top 3 teams that made it to the top of the leaderboards in Season 1: D2R Mystic, SKOR, and iCeD. Several teams occupied the top 3 positions throughout the tournament but these were the last to retain their positions. The teams will receive the following prizes:

  1. 60,000 Gold, Unique Game Skins, & GAMEKING Gaming Glasses
  2. 40,000 Gold
  3. 20,000 Gold
  4. Top Ranking Player: GT Omega Backpack

While teams will be rewarded every season, the biggest prize pool is saved for the Championship where $1000 cash is available along with many other prizes. Teams will have to perform well in the 3 Seasons in order to be eligible to be invited for the Championship.

In addition, if you have a team that wants to participate in Season 2 of the Battles of Glory Tournament then join our Discord Chat. Once you are there, you can head to the #bot-channel room and type the command /help to get the details on how to register and create your team. After a team is created, the captain should enter /apply FA03 on the #bot-channel in our Discord Server to apply for Season 2 which begins this Thursday. Finally, teams that already registered for Season 1 will automatically be registered for Season 2.