Forward Assault: Season 2 – The Challenger Brackets Event

As in every season of the Battles of Glory Tournament, we introduce new events for the participating teams. In this season we have the Challenger Brackets Event which began last week and will continue this Sunday at 3 PM Pacific Time. Teams will face off each other on maps selected by us and via bracket system.

It started with 8 teams aligned into the bracket and for this week, only 4 teams remain. Team Prime will face D2R Mystic in the Semi-finals while Euphoria will face off against Team PatrioT. The winners of each match will then face against one another in the Finals. Losers are not necessarily kicked out of the tournament but simply lose this event. The winner of the event will receive valuable points that will be added to their score on the leaderboards.

For those that missed out on Part 1 of the Challenger Brackets Event, you can watch the full stream below. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified for Part 2 when it goes live.