Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – Season 3 Concludes

Now that Season 3 has concluded, the Championship is closer than ever. We want to congratulate the champions of Season 3 where Euphoria managed to get the top spot this time. With their commitment to this season, they garnered 1374 Points. 

The top 3 teams for this season didn’t end the season without a fight. D2RMystic and USSR had an epic finale in the last stream of the season which kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Had D2RMystic beaten USSR, they had a chance to overthrow Euphoria from the top of the leaderboards but since they lost, Euphoria remained at the top. Without further ado, we want to congratulate all 3 teams: Euphoria, D2RMystic, and USSR.

These top teams will be contacted in order to be rewarded. Soon, 12 teams will be selected to participate in the Championship in a round robin-styled tournament. More details will be released about the Championship once the participating teams are selected. Until then, don’t miss out on the latest stream of Season 3 that can be found below. You certainly don’t want to miss out on it.