Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – The Championship Ends

The Championship Finals have concluded and the whole Forward Assault tournament series was quite epic. In Season 1, D2R Mystic became the winner, towering over all the other competitive teams. In Season 2, D2R Mystic fought viciously and successfully ranked on top of the leaderboard once again. However, in Season 3, Euphoria managed to steal the spotlight from D2R Mystic after losing a large amount of points to USSR. Finally, the Championship concluded with a big surprise to the Forward Assault Community.

In the Championship, from the 12 teams selected to participate, 4 teams battled competitively in the Semi Finals. D2R Mystic beat ScionRS in the Semi Finals while USSR beat Euphoria. Then, in a Best of 5 format, USSR and D2R Mystic faced one another in one of the most competitive matches ever in the history of the game.

The two teams went through the entire 5 matches with approximately 4 hours of continuous action. Both teams had the opportunity to select their own server and map of choice per match. Matches took place on maps like Arid and Frosty. While both teams have proven to be capable and professional, their had to be one victor among the two. In the final match, Team USSR managed to overthrow D2R Mystic and become the champions of the Forward Assault: Battles of Glory series. Be sure to watch the Championship Finals below to witness the experience first-hand.