G FUEL RTD – A New Line of Energy Drink Launching This Summer

Gamma Labs has been extremely successful with its popular energy drink, G FUEL. It has become a global brand that is now recognised throughout the mobile esports community and on other platforms. We were very proud to have started our partnership with them 2 years ago and since then witnessed how gamers loved their products and wanted even more.

Due to this huge demand, Gamma Labs is now introducing a new line of G FUEL Energy cans that will be ready to drink and requires no powder mixing whatsoever. There will be selected flavors available in cans this summer such as Fazeberry, Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, and Rainbow Sherbet. The G FUEL RTD or Ready-To-Drink line will also consist of antioxidants, vitamins, zero sugar and no calories; bringing all the features that differentiates it from all other drinks out there.

G FUEL RTD – The Next Line of G FUEL Energy

CEO & Founder of G FUEL had this to say regarding this grandiose move, ”We were early adopters in the gaming space and we now have an aggregated reach of more than 200 million fans. They’ve inundated us with requests for a ready-to-drink version of G Fuel. We have a history of delivering products that meet our consumers’ demand for performance energy, extreme focus, and zero sugar. While they get that with our powdered products already, now they can get it in the convenience of a can.”

Finally, the 16 ounce cans will initially be available to order by late June at gfuel.com. If you want to get early access to the upcoming G FUEL RTD then click here to sign up. Stay tuned as more information about this new line is revealed and we will update you as we learn more about it. Summer is coming soon and we are extremely excited to taste the next big innovation coming from Gamma Labs.