Forward Assault: Art of Warfare – The Championship

We have now approached the most exciting part of the Art of Warfare Tournament. With a competitive month of leaderboards race, we have finally selected the 8 teams that will participate in the Championship Bracket.

As you can see from the Bracket, all the top teams will be participating except Euphoria, which asked to be removed since they will be merging with D2RMystic. Due to this incident, we have replaced Euphoria with the next team holding the highest score, Team Syndicate. It will be interesting to see how top teams like Gankstars will perform against a D2RMystic that consists of Euphoria players.

In addition, Team Syndicate has proven to be a formidable opponent within a very short time. This bracket has the best teams in Forward Assault and we are looking forward to see how each team performs under pressure. There is a large cash prize on the line so they will be battling fiercely. Since the start of this tournament, in partnership with Blayze Games, we introduced to the game’s shop an official weapon skin called Art of Warfare, themed after our tournament.

The profit made from this AWP skin will be going to the winning team. So far, the skin has made approximately $1200 (before Apple’s cut) and the cash prize will continue growing until the end of this tournament since it will be removed from the shop when it concludes.

Finally, all teams need to be aware that all matches in this Championship must be recorded or otherwise the matches will be invalid. Round 1 of the Championship will be live-streamed on our channel at Be sure to subscribe to our channel in order to follow the progress of this tournament. Note that all streams and dates will be announced beforehand on our social media.