Our Story With G FUEL

When we launched our MOBILE E-SPORTS® initiative in 2015, we did it out of passion for mobile gaming and the competitive community. We were gamers ourselves, attracted to mobile games since their dawn on the platform. After we organised and launched our first mobile esports tournament, it was the biggest then; with several brands, sponsors and developers supporting it. At the time, 64 teams joined our first tournament and by the end of the tournament, it was a clear success.

We continued our passion in hosting more tournaments and built our company in the belief that our work will contribute to the rise of mobile esports as an industry. Real consistent support from brands was difficult to secure at the time due to the mobile esports industry being new and untested.

However, our real strength came about when our friends and partners at Gamma Labs started supporting us in early 2017. For a big company like Gamma Labs, they focused on helping us on a personal level. They believed in the mobile gaming community and what we were introducing to it even though it was small at the time. Such support from the most popular esports brand meant a lot to us and to our community. This helped us launch massive tournaments to interactive community events which enabled us to foster long lasting relationships with our amazing mobile community.

We then had the opportunity to experience the G FUEL flavors and we immediately fell in love in their products. It allowed us to accomplish our work with focus and energy while keeping the competitive players from our community empowered and energetic. Furthermore, the people behind G FUEL treated us like family, supported our tournaments, and provided assistance when we needed it. We are proud to have been partners with Gamma Labs for over 2 years and hope to be for many years to come.

Moreover, we are proud to have launched several G FUEL Tournaments before and will bring about more like them this year and the years to follow. Our relationship with Gamma Labs is a special one that unquestionably helped us become the company that we are today.

For those of you who don’t know about their products, G FUEL is an Energy Formula that was designed to increase focus and concentration. Its formula consists of natural ingredients that leads to a healthy lifestyle. You can buy G FUEL Energy Drink at gfuel.com/discount/esportsmobile using this code (EsportsMobile) to get 30% Discount at this moment. The 30% Discount expires on July 2nd but the code can still be used after that to get 10% Discount. Using our code will not only support our work significantly but you also get to enjoy G FUEL’s delicious energy drink products which have over 100,000 5 star reviews!

Finally, what makes us more proud to be close partners with Gamma Labs is their continuous innovations. Not only did they introduce the G FUEL Hydration products which feature electrolytes and vitamins but Energy Crystals as well. Their biggest product yet to come is the Ready-To-Drink G FUEL which is expected to launch very soon. These cans come in 4 flavors and are healthier than energy canned products currently available on the market. This is the short version of the story about how Gamma Labs came into our lives. We hope that you see the inspiration behind our partnership with them as we see it.