A Mobile Esports Guide – On How To Build A Successful Team

Since we launched our MOBILE E-SPORTS initiative in 2015, we have seen so many teams with great potential that have faded away. A few managed to successfully build their brand and grow ever since. Today we will share with you some of the qualities required and the steps needed in order to build a successful team in the Mobile Esports Industry. We want, more than anything, to see this industry grow and the teams that participate in our tournaments to succeed.

A team’s success does not only revolve around its victories but what is also important is the brand. You want your team to be more than a group of people playing a game. This starts with a focus on your social media in order to build a fan base and to update your followers on your progress. They will be there for you when you win or lose if you build a strong relationship with them. This means uploading videos of your team practising to give your fan base an insider view, to post on social media updates about new recruits or upcoming changes. Social media is extremely important to keep your team relevant, your brand growing, and your fan base updated.

Equally important is your team’s attachment to one another. We have seen so many teams disband because of a match loss or petty disagreements. Disbanding a team every now and then completely erases your team and all what you worked for vanishes. To avoid this problem, you first need a strong leadership. A team needs a leader to inspire them and show them a glimpse of what the future can become if they stick together through thick and thin. The leader needs to install valuable principles into his or her team. To give them an understanding that they may lose but they will work hard to obtain victory. That if they do lose, it is not the end but this is only another lesson for them to learn from and that they will come back stronger than before.

Several top teams lost countless matches throughout the history of our tournaments and yet they still remain today, stronger than before and more successful than before. Having a growing team brand on social media and a team that sticks together is a vital, initial recipe for success. It is true that once you start growing in power, you start earning money from tournaments. However, this doesn’t need to be your only source of revenue. If you keep growing your social media then YouTube or Twitch can become a source of revenue for you as well. Eventually, you can start your team’s clothing line that fans would love to purchase.

So you see, it all builds up to become a business venture. With your tournament victories, growing social media, and relevant team brand, you will find yourself in a position where sponsors would be interested to support you. This means you will have another source of income with which you can support your team members and transform your team into an organisation.

If you are reading this and you are a small team or don’t even have a team, this is possible for you too. It takes a lot of dedication and for some, perhaps years but good things don’t come so easily. They come at a cost of hard work and effort that’s poured into what you believe in. Growing your team doesn’t even have to clash with your real-life responsibilities. You can schedule time for working on your team throughout the week or weekend.

Management of a team can be divided upon the existing team members. As a leader, you can find out which member is best at what and assign roles accordingly. Have a team captain to manage the team’s practice schedule for tournaments and to oversee the players performance. A team captain is important for leading the players to victory since he will be involved in recruitment and management of the team. You will also want a social media manager that can oversee the team’s socials and take care of uploading content to the team’s channels in order to keep the fans updated with a team’s progress. The social media manager can come up with ideas for content and ask the players to contribute. Other responsibilities can also be divided based on who is best fit for the job.

Moreover, the leader needs to be clear about how much each player gets from a tournament’s prize pool. We have seen disagreements occur in teams before regarding how a prize pool is split. This should never be an issue in a team. The leader needs to tell each player beforehand on what they will be getting and as long as they are happy with the agreement then there will be no problems coming up later on. The leader and the players need to understand that a one-time prize pool is insignificant when weighing it next to a future success. There is no need to argue or fight over trivial things like prize pools because they are in it for something far bigger, becoming a successful organisation. Therefore, while the leader needs to be fair and reasonable in how the prize pool is divided, the players too need to think about bigger things than just one prize pool because there are more prize pools to win and future sponsorships to look forward to.

Finally, it is extremely important for a team to understand the power of their principles and to avoid hacking or cheating in any shape or form. Cheating in a tournament doesn’t only take away all the respect people had for you but it damages your reputation and your brand. No sponsor, company, or tournament organiser want to welcome a cheater. It is far too risky for anyone to welcome them. Team leaders need to make sure that their players are driven by principles and not by greed or ego. The latter two are usually damaging and attract players to the darker side of competitive gaming. You shouldn’t fear cheating just because it is illegal and that it can get you in trouble only but because you have higher principles and respect for your opponents to play against them fairly.

If you take this guide seriously then you are on your way to become a powerful team with a good reputation. Remember that success doesn’t fall into your lap out of nowhere. Hard work is necessary and having a team with good principles attracts a large fan base. After a period of victories, losses, and changes, you will discover that your team has become larger than it once was. Be sure to stay tuned with our websites and social media in order to sign up for new tournaments when they are announced. Our tournaments will be a good place to earn profit, grow your reputation and brand, as well as attract sponsors.

Keep in mind that we have the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot available in our Discord Chat which helps leaders manage their teams. This way you can keep track of your team statistics and players performance so that it guides you on what to improve. We hope this article helped you to gain insight of what you can do to build your team and become a successful brand. In the upcoming articles, we will include more information on how to obtain sponsorships.